PRI Signatories

Anima SGR is the operating company of the ANIMA Group and the leading independent asset management operator in Italy; as such, Anima has the duty to operate in the interests of customers through investments aimed at generating sustainable and long-term value.

We believe that environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) issues linked to issuers can influence the performance of portfolios over time. Therefore, including these aspects in the investment decision process allows to align investors’ interest with the broader objectives of the Company.

In September 2018 Anima SGR became a signatory of the United Nations Responsible Investment Principles (PRI), initiative that is aimed at disseminating and integrating ESG criteria into investment practices. These principles were launched by the United Nations in 2006 with the intention to spread sustainable and responsible investments among institutional investors.

As a PRI signatory Anima SGR undertakes to:
  1. incorporate ESG criteria in the investment process and analysis;
  2. operate as active shareholder, integrating ESG issues into ownership policies and practices;
  3. ask for adequate ESG communication by issuers included in the investment portfolios;
  4. promote the implementation of the Principles within the financial sector;
  5. work with industry operators to improve the implementation’s effectiveness of the Principles;
  6. periodically report on the activities and progresses made by the Company in the implementation of the Principles.

In this context, Anima SGR has developed a Policy on Responsible Investments which defines the company's approach to the issue. 
The policies and procedures adopted by ANIMA SGR are as follows:

Since April 2020* the investment process of most of the funds managed by ANIMA* now takes into consideration, in addition to financial criteria, also the environmental, social and governance rating of the securities. Some issuers (especially in the military/defense sector) will also be excluded from the investable universe.

A dedicated ESG Committee constantly monitors the ESG profile of the funds. With the transparency that has always characterized ANIMA, the communication to the final customer will also cover these aspects, starting from the dedicated website

In 2020 ANIMA obtained an "A" rating for the ESG Strategy & Governance from UNPRI

* The ESG criteria have been applied since the end of April 2020 on the main funds of the "Anima System", except for products heavily investing  into other products (funds, indices or synthetics) and securities of issuers not covered by the rating agencies and they will be progressively extended to the other products of the group.