Responsible Investment

In September 2018 Anima SGR became a signatory of the United Nations Responsible Investment Principles (PRI), initiative that is aimed at disseminating and integrating ESG criteria into investment practices, joining more than 2,600 asset managers, including over 40 Italians and almost 600 Institutional Investors. Since its foundation in 2020 the information relating to Anima Alternative has also been subject to reporting by Anima SGR within its PRI Transparency Report, a concrete and long-term commitment to promote the Principles for Responsible investment also in alternative investments. Since January 2023, also Castello Sgr is a  signatory of the UN PRIs.

As PRI signatories Anima SGR and, by extension, Anima Alternative - and Castello Sgr commit to:
  1. incorporate ESG criteria in the investment process and analysis;
  2. operate as active shareholder, integrating ESG issues into ownership policies and practices;
  3. ask for adequate ESG communication by issuers included in the investment portfolios;
  4. promote the implementation of the Principles within the financial sector;
  5. work with industry operators to improve the effective implementation of the Principles;
  6. periodically report on the activities and progresses made in the implementation of the Principles.

The concrete implementation of these commitments is illustrated by ANIMA in an annual report, the PRI Transparency Report, which Anima SGR prepared voluntarily for the first time at the beginning of 2019 and which has committed to compile every year starting from 2020. The Report can be consulted at following link:

In 2020 ANIMA obtained an "A" rating for the ESG Strategy & Governance from UNPRI