Business mix

Business mix

With a 360-degree approach to the investment world, ANIMA diversifies its business into the following four key areas.

Mutual Funds

In the mutual funds sector ANIMA is one of the main players of the Italian market.

Thanks to commercial agreements with some 100 distribution partners, ANIMA is present on the territory in a capillary way.

ANIMA offers its partners, which comprise banks, networks and financial advisors, a set of products and tools that support the professional operator in his dialogue with the investors.

Institutional Solutions

ANIMA setup a dedicated team to meet the needs of institutional investors.


Discretionary Mandates

Solutions designed for customers who require a customized asset management service.

Open-ended Pension Fund

The open-ended pension fund, Arti & Mestieri, with individual and collective underwriting plans.

Alternative Investments

The ANIMA Group is also active in the private market segment with alternative and real estate funds. Anima Alternative, an asset management company focused on private market investments and wholly owned by the ANIMA Group, was founded in early 2020. In its first three years of operation, the company launched two direct lending funds, Anima Alternative 1 and Anima Alternative 2. In 2023, the Group further expanded with the acquisition of 80 percent of the capital of Castello SGR, a leader in alternative investments, mainly real estate.