Remuneration Policy

Remuneration Policy
The Remuneration Policy has been designed, also in accordance with the recommendations of the Corporate Governance Code, with the aim of pursuing the following objectives:
attracting, withholding and motivating people with individual and professional skills required for the achievement of the company’s objectives
promoting the creation of value for shareholders in the medium-long term
matching the interests of the Company and its management with Shareholders’ ones in the medium-long term.

Remuneration plan based on financial instruments
On June 21, 2018, the Shareholders' Meeting approved the Remuneration Plan based on financial instruments called "Long Term Incentive Plan 2018-2020". The Plan is one of the range of tools used to supplement the remuneration packages of the key managers of the Group, with remuneration deferred over an appropriate period of time and variable components linked to achievement of performance objectives, with a view to creating medium/long-term value for shareholders.

The Plan is intended to:
  • involve managers whose activities are considered of key importance to achieve the objectives of the Group;
  • strengthen the loyalty of managers to the Group, encouraging them to remain with the company;
  • share and align the medium/long-term interests of managers with those of the Group and the Shareholders;
  • facilitate the attraction and retention of talents.

The following document has been prepared in accordance with art. 114-bis of the Consolidated Finance Act, art. 84-bis of the Issuers Regulation, and on the basis of Scheme 7 - Annex 3A of the Issuers Regulation in order to provide Shareholders with the necessary information regarding the "Long Term Incentive Plan 2018-2020" .