Financial calendar

Date Main events ​
March 1st 2022 2021FY Accounts
March 31st 2022 AGM
May 4th 2022 1Q22 Report
July 29th 2022 1H22 Report
November 7th 2022 9M22 Report
ANIMA Holding will continue to approve, in addition to the annual and half-year reports required by article 154- ter, of the Legislative Decree 58/98 (“TUF”), also the “Interim report on operations” for the first and third quarter for each fiscal year; these reports shall be approved by the Board of Directors according to the timing of the financial calendar and published within 45 days from the closing of the reference period.

Pursuant to article 82-ter of the Consob Regulation11971/99, it is highlighted that the information regarding the “Interim report on operations” will concern: - consolidated results for the reference period; - significant events occurring during and after the reference period; - business outlook; and - financial statements (Consolidated Statement of Comprehensive Income, Financial Position, Cash Flows, Changes in Shareholders’ Equity).