Sustainability & ESG Reporting

Sustainability Report

Aware of the values that have always guided ANIMA's action, as well as of the additional initiatives implemented in this area, in 2020 the Group decided to initiate the non- financial reporting path by publishing its first Sustainability Report. In 2021, ANIMA issued the second annual edition of the Report, that for the first time included the Materiality Matrix of the ANIMA Group and was submitted to a limited assurance by Deloitte & Touche S.p.A.

The document intends to communicate to its stakeholders the performance and impacts generated by the Group in the ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance) area in a clear, complete and transparent way, in order to allow all stakeholders to become acquainted with ANIMA also in this import domain.

In order to promote the comparability of the data and information contained therein, the ANIMA Group Sustainability Report has been prepared in compliance with the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards - the most widespread standards in the world for sustainability reporting - and is updated on an annual basis.

ESG Report

The operating companies of the ANIMA Group (Anima SGR,  Anima Alternative SGR and Castello Sgr) have the duty to operate in the interest of customers, proposing investments that are aimed at generating sustainable and long-term value.
Based on this fiduciary role, ANIMA believes that environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) issues associated with the issuers of financial instruments can influence the performance of managed portfolios over time, at the level of individual company, sector, region and asset class. The consideration of these aspects in the SGRs' investment decisions makes it possible to align the interest of investors with the broader objectives of the society.
For more information on the ESG commitment, please refer to the following document: