Corporate Governance Report

The Board of Directors of Anima Holding S.p.A. approves on an yearly bases the "Corporate Governance Report" pursuant to Article 123-bis of the Consolidated Finance Act, in accordance with the provisions of the Corporate Governance Code of listed companies of Borsa Italiana and including the recommendations expressed by the Corporate Governance Committee.
The corporate governance system adopted by the Company is based on the key objective of creating value for shareholders, according with the principles of transparency in the Company’s choices and strategy and based on an effective internal control system.

The corporate governance model of Anima Holding S.p.A. complies with the provisions of the legislation on listed issuers and is structured as follows:
  • Shareholders' Meeting: called to resolve in ordinary and extraordinary meetings on the matters addressed by law or by the company By-laws.
  • Board of Directors: invested with the widest powers for managing the Company and to carry out all the actions to pursue the Company’s objectives.
  • Board of Statutory Auditors: is responsible for monitoring that laws and the company By-laws are complied with, standards of correct administration are met and, in addition, is in charge of examining the adequacy of the company organisation. 
  • Independent Auditors: the activity of statutory audit is delegated to a specialized company according with the provisions of the Consolidated Finance Act, the Legislative Decree n. 39/2010 and the EU Regulation n. 537/2014.