Anima Progetto Globale 2022 Cedola

Last NAV 10.07.20
Performance YTD 10.07.20
-3.6 %
AUM 03.07.20
59.6 mln €
AUM class default 03.07.20
59.6 mln €

Risk/return profile
The Fund has been classified in risk/reward class 3, because the annualized volatility of the weekly
Category may change over time For further details about risk profile please check the KIID

Rating profile
CFS Rating
CFS Cost Rating
Management Team
Camilla Cotta Ramusino

Portfolio Manager Balanced Funds

Gianluca Ferretti

Responsabile Fixed Income & Currencies

Data as at: 10.07.20
Figures in percentage. Returns for Italian-based funds and their benchmarks are gross of taxes, from July 1st, 2011 onward. The benchmark provided for foreign funds is a relevant market index (or basket of indexes), if not included in the Prospectus. Flexible funds do not have a benchmark, because of their flexible investment strategy. Funds' performances are total return, i.e. assume that dividends are reinvested.
* Fideuram category index Balanced Bond. Fideuram index values as at the most recent date are estimated. Values will be updated as soon as official prices are available.